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The STARAUDIO range of products consists of entry-to-medium-level audio and visual speakers, headphones and DVD players and TVs. Our brief was to take this brand, rework it, then relaunch it across PNG.

How did you approach this project?

As a designer, I’m what you would call a “pantser”, which means I generally fly by the seat of my pants. This talent has been honed through years of not having the luxury of time. So, I guess the process would be, I just get on with it.

With STARAUDIO the process started by staring at the screen, having blank pieces of paper in front of me and tapping a pencil against my own head until inspiration struck. This action was also accompanied by making lots of ‘Hmmm’ noises and Googling what the other brands in this particular category are doing. There seems to be a fine line between ‘research’ and falling down the rabbit hole when Googling. Fortunately, I didn’t wander too far of course.

Any specific inspiration you used in creating STARAUDIO?

Music plays a huge role for me in the design and conceptual process. The song “Boom Boom Boom” by Grace Messa sprang to mind. From there, I knew what ‘Point B’ was, and how to get there – “Boombeats by STARAUDIO”.

That lead to the logo design, which in turn lead to the product names – ‘Accent’ for the small little blue tooth speakers, ‘Pulse’ for the bigger portable ones with a bit more oomph, and ‘Drop’ for the home setup with the serious bass. Next came the posters, then the packaging, followed by the really fun stuff, Radio and TV.

How does STARAUDIO compare to similar projects in the category?

STARAUDIO is a well-known brand across PNG but seemed to have the perception that it sits at the cheaper end of the market. However, by coming up with a ‘cool’ new name and leveraging off the STARAUDIO target reach, we could have the best of both worlds.

What was your favourite part of working on STARAUDIO?

I love the initial creative part…coming up with the ‘big idea’ and then seeing it all come together. Putting together the TV spot, the soundtrack, the packaging – all of it. It’s all great fun.

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