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Colony’s Philanthropic Spirit

At Colony Group, we have a wide-ranging list of personal passions, hobbies and interests – they’re as diverse as the brands we work on.

This week we look at Senior Creative Jim Strachan’s volunteer work with SchoolOfThought.org – a non-profit that offers free online creative thinking, critical thinking and philosophy resources to teachers, parents and other educators. To date, SchoolOfThought.org has seen more than 5 million free downloads of its logical fallacies and cognitive bias posters and had almost 50 million site visits. The teaching resources have been used in thousands of classrooms around the world, including Harvard University, and been translated into dozens of languages.

As the world navigates its way through the current self-isolating challenges, SchoolOfThought.org is providing much-needed free resources for home learning, educational games and activities. “With schools shutting across the world, you can bet there are parents and carers out there who are stuck at home with their kids and worried they’re not learning anything,” said Jim. “Hopefully these free resources offer a learning opportunity or at least some sort of fun, educational distraction.”

Check out the resources here:


Consistent with our on-going partnerships with organisations like the Sir Brian Bell Foundation, The Grass Skirt Project and other non-profits throughout Australia and Papua New Guinea, Colony Group is proud to support the personal passions and philanthropy of our team.