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Kina Bank Prime

What is Kina Bank Prime?

Prime is a new offering from Kina Bank, Papua New Guinea’s second-largest retail bank. Prime is a “status”, but really, it’s mostly a new three-year fixed rate home loan – something that’s not previously been available anywhere in PNG. It also includes access to a private banking advisor who gives you tailored banking advice and a Visa Debit Card with no annual or monthly fees – again, both PNG firsts.

Have you worked on this type of project before?

I’ve worked on a lot of different banking and financial brands over the years including Wells Fargo, Key Bank, H&R Block and Visa. I’ve worked on other PNG financial brands like Fincorp and Nambawan Super, but this was the first retail banking project I’ve done for Kina Bank.

What’s your process for starting a project like Kina Bank Prime?

Kina Bank has committed itself to being an innovative, ground-breaking bank dedicated to changing the category for the better within PNG. So the initial brief was filled with tangible support points based around many of the Prime offerings being PNG firsts. Kina Bank didn’t want to stray too far from their current campaigns of showing aspirational PNG couples and families, so the first order of business was to create a series of taglines and/or headlines based around what it meant to “be Prime”. The resulting “It’s a good time to be Prime” campaign featured a headline formula of “It’s a good time for (customer benefit). It’s a good time to be Prime.” This format allowed the campaign to be consistent and cohesive, while still having the flexibility for different ads to focus on different Prime features like the home loan rate, the Prime Relationship Advisor and the fee-free Visa Debit Card.

What was your favourite part of working on Kina Bank Prime?

Prime is a big, integrated campaign that launched in early December. I really enjoyed blowing out the campaign across everything from full-page press ads to online banners to bus sides (and pretty much everything in between). I’ve done a lot of fun work here at Colony Group but this was the first major integrated campaign I’ve done at the agency.

Were there any unique challenges or obstacles you had to work with to create this work?

We needed to shoot all new family and lifestyle images for this campaign but were unable to travel to PNG due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. So we sourced PNG talent locally here in Queensland and shot all the images in non-descript locations. In fact, my very own kitchen is famous in PNG! For the next round we’re hopeful to be able to take photos in PNG, specifically in and around Kina Bank branches.

Any specific inspiration you used in creating the Kina Bank Prime work?

Until recently, the Kina Bank brand used large swaths of red and yellow in their communications. Unfortunately, it didn’t reproduce well in the PNG papers. So in creating the Prime look and feel there was an opportunity to create a cleaner, more print-friendly look and feel which also gave the brand a bit a boost in terms of being more “bank like” while still being accessible, friendly and people focused.