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Café Brand Storytelling

What is Jeanz Café?

Jeanz is a new full-service restaurant in Brian Bell Group’s new Gordons Plaza shopping precinct in Port Moresby. It features an extensive menu of sandwiches, meals, cakes and desserts, and of course, coffee!

Have you worked on this type of project before?

I’ve worked on several projects for restaurants and bakeries – creating signage, menus, interiors, collateral materials as well as print and TVCs. In Australia, I’ve done work for The Coffee Club, Brumby’s and its sister RFG brands like Donut King and Michel’s Patisserie.

What’s your process for starting a project like Jeanz Café?

Jeanz Café presents a very unique and fun proposition in that it’s a coffee shop exclusively located in a Brian Bell Homecentre. That means there’s an opportunity to combine the equity of both to create some great work. I wrote and art directed the creative, so I started by coming up with the ideas and headlines first, then applied those concepts to several “looks and feels” to see what felt right. Once I found a visual direction I liked, I switched over to the craft of design and art direction and tried to make it feel fun and different.

What was your favourite part of working on Jeanz Café?

Traditionally, creatives love working on “coffee shop ads” because there really aren’t any rules. In fact, many aspiring (and experienced) creatives will have made up “spec” ads that they’ll include in their portfolios to show how creative they can be. But this was an actual assignment to literally do fun, creative coffee shop ads. So, yeah, um… no pressure!

Were there any unique challenges or obstacles you had to work with to create this work?

In writing the headlines for the posters and cups, there were a few ideas that didn’t go forward because of the difference between PNG and Australian cultural references. But that was more educational than a challenge.

Any specific inspiration you used in creating the Jeanz Café work?

The posters featuring the Mudmen were done in conjunction with Arabicas Coffee in PNG and used images from the Goroka Region. There were heaps of great images to choose from and the spirit of the Mudmen helped create the line, “Born Wild, Grown Pure”.

Gordons Plaza will open in mid June. Find out more at gordonsplaza.com