Strategic Communications Advisory Brisbane | Cairns | Port Moresby

Passionate | Energised | Ballerina

Colony Group team is delighted to welcome Rhyia Skardon to our Cairns office. She’ll be working across all Colony Group clients. In this instalment of The Colony Blog, we get to know a little bit about Rhyia and what makes her tick.

1. Why/how did you choose this career path?

I’ve been managing my own social media accounts for the past six years so when the opportunity to apply my passion for marketing to Colony Group clients and accounts, I jumped at the chance.

2. What was attractive to you about joining the Colony Group team?

I was excited about the variety of clients – from corporate, to government, to world-famous retail brands.

3. What will you be doing in the Cairns office?

As an Account Manager I’m working on several accounts, but right now my focus is managing the social media accounts for Brian Bell Group in PNG.

4. What’s your favourite part of your job and career?

My favourite part of my job is knowing that no day will be exactly the same, working with a fun, energised team and building strong relationships with our clients.

5. What do you do outside of work? What are you passionate about?

I love going to the beach, swimming holes and just being out in nature. Living in FNQ makes it easy as it’s all right at our feet. I’m very social and love going out for dinner and out on the town with my friends. I am passionate about being happy in yourself and everyone being the best person they possibly can.

6. Favourite food, drink, etc? Favourite music/band? Movie?

PASTA & PIZZA with a glass of red wine!! My favourite music is anything from R&B, pop and even some country.

7. Favourite part about living in Cairns/QLD/Australia?

Waterfalls, nature and the fact that everyone is just so friendly.

8. What part of your job gets you the most excited?

I love coming in to work and getting to reply to customers. I can’t wait to tackle the socials every day.

9. What’s your dream job (besides this one, ha!)? What would be your nightmare job?

My dream job is actually what I am doing now (Marketing/Social Media)!

10. Tell us something about you that no one would ever guess just by looking at you.

I played hockey for 7 years and represented Cairns numerous times. I also performed Russian Ballet.