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Creative | Organised | Superstar

The Colony Group team is delighted to welcome Deanna to our Port Moresby office. She’ll be working across all Colony Group clients – wearing many hats, juggling many projects and generally helping our clients shine. In this instalment of The Colony Blog, we get to know a little bit about Deanna and why she chose Colony Group.

Why/how did you choose this career path?

I didn’t grow up thinking I wanted to be an Account Manager when I was older… It was more along the ‘practical’ lines of Doctor Deanna (LOL!). I did, however, always possess an appreciation for all the various art forms and the creative ways in which you could communicate messages. When I was 15, I was given a camera and that sent me on a creative journey that showed me how I wanted to present things to the world. Between 15-year-old me and the now 24-year-old me, I learned that amongst the craziness of creativity, I also very much enjoyed the hard lines of systematic organisation and how they complimented each other. This led me to lean toward more admin type roles like account management that helped guide my creativity.

What was attractive to you about joining the Colony Group team?

I worked with the Colony Group team a lot when I worked on the other side in media. I was always very impressed with the work that Colony Group produced and the uniformity in their campaigns across multiple platforms. The level of creativity is unmatched here in PNG and to be a part of a team that produces that kind of excellence was something that excited me.

What’s your favourite part of your job and career?

Seeing a brand’s messaging become clear and cohesive and being able to watch the creative process that takes place in order for this to happen.

What do you do outside of work? What are you passionate about?

I read a lot. I can pretty much read anything, but fantasy is my favourite – special mentions to Lord of the Rings and the Chronicles of Narnia (my absolute faves!). I’m also just getting into sci-fi novels.

Favourite part about living in Port Moresby, PNG?

I only properly moved back to PNG in March of 2018. Before that I lived in Wellington, New Zealand and spent lots of time going back and forth between the two countries. But I had never lived in PNG as an adult. Being able to live in PNG, especially as a working adult, has taught me some amazing life lessons that I don’t think I would have had the opportunity to learn if living in NZ at this stage of my life.

What part of your job gets you the most excited?

I love it when I am outside of work and someone comments on a client brand that Colony Group has worked on. Being able to tell them that I have some sort of part in what they are seeing is pretty cool!

What’s your dream job (besides this one, ha!)? What would be your nightmare job?

My dream job is to be a chief operating officer (COO) of a company one day.

Tell us something about you that no one would ever guess just by looking at you.

I have never been admitted to the hospital for anything. No broken bones, no surgery, no emergency visits. I guess I’m pretty lucky.