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Social | Fashionable | Talented

The Colony Group team is delighted to welcome April to our Brisbane office. She’ll be working across all Colony Group clients and has already made a huge positive impact. In this instalment of The Colony Blog, we get to know a little bit about April and why she chose Colony Group.

Why did you choose this career path?

I have always been interested in digital psychology, the how and why viewers engage with different content. After completing my undergraduate degree in Psychology, I had wanted to delve into the relationship between human engagement and social media, and here I am utilising that knowledge firsthand!

What was attractive to you about joining the Colony Group team?

I was attracted to the variety of clients that Colony Group work alongside and their holistic approach to delivering top-end service. I am very much a people person and thrive on one-to-one contact, so working with Colony Group and their clients was something I knew I would instantly enjoy.

What will you be doing in the Brisbane office?

My position within the Colony Group team is Social Media and Account Management. I work in partnership with our clients to ensure their social media platforms are well managed by creating strategic marketing calendars, manage engagement levels and implement ideas of how to increase their social media performance.

What’s your favourite part of your job and career?

My favourite part of my job is that I get to interact with so many different people, experience different cultures and work with a bunch of unbelievably talented people every day.

What part of your job gets you the most excited?

I love how engaging the digital world is! No day is the same and you get to witness firsthand the metrics behind audience engagement.

What do you do outside of work? What are you passionate about?

I am big into my arts and crafts and love making little polymer clay jewellery, air dry clay trinkets and small sculptures!

Favourite part about living in Brisbane/QLD/Australia?

I love what Brisbane has to offer, with its fantastic art galleries, museums, live shows and my personal favourite… vintage arcade bars!

What’s your dream job (besides this one, ha!)? What would be your nightmare job?

I think if I could pick anything in the world, I think I would like to be a sculptor working from my own home studio!

Tell us something about you that no one would ever guess just by looking at you.

I am a massive Dungeons and Dragons fan. My team and I play every fortnight! Costumes are optional… but we have a few knight helmets handy just in case. Although, you could probably notice that by looking at our recent Colony team #ZoomOff photo.