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What is 42 on LeHunte?

LeHunte is a brand new, resort-style, residential complex in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. So new in fact it’s still being built. It comprises only 39, 2 and 3-bedroom executive apartments for lease. The development is also the first residential project of this kind for the PNG retail giant, Brian Bell.

Have you worked on this type of project before?

Many times! Over the years I have worked for several Brisbane-based agencies that specialise in the branding and marketing of high-end developments of this nature – both in the commercial and residential space within Australia. 

What’s your process for starting a project like 42 on LeHunte?

Research, research and research. Developments are extremely dynamic projects and before you can even think about creative you need to learn as much as possible about everything that connects to them. From its facade, interiors and facilities, to its geography and surrounding areas, infrastructure and transport systems and local amenities, etc…the list goes on. You need to understand the vision of the developer and work with them to bring that vision to life. Then there’s the competition, the target market, budgets and project timelines. Developments are huge investments with very long timelines and the marketing needs to be strategic and talk to the right people at the right time. Only once you fully understand what it is can you begin to think about what it should look, feel and sound like. 

What was your favourite part of working on 42 on LeHunte?

LeHunte is quite unique in that it’s located in Port Moresby. Unlike all the advertising noise you’ll find in Australian cities, Port Moresby is in a very interesting and relatively early phase of its economic development, so projects like this really stand out. It’s a fantastic opportunity to be involved in something so distinctive in that space and because it will definitely stand out there is a big responsibility to ensure that what you create is going to elevate it and give it best chance of success. You have to do it justice. So, the most rewarding aspect has ultimately been hearing the positive feedback since the campaign started and that it’s generating a lot of enquiry.

Were there any unique challenges or obstacles you had to work with to create this work?

With LeHunte being based in PNG, it wasn’t possible to visit the location personally. So, it was important to talk to as many of the people involved as possible as well as those who know the area well to get a feel for what the place is like. Then as a designer, you can start to imagine how the development will fit into that environment. This helped to shape the story around what the LeHunte brand needed to be. Most developments usually haven’t even broken ground when you start the marketing, so the biggest – but probably most exciting part of this – is that you have to be able to create a story around something that doesn’t fully exist yet. There’s a real responsibility to get as close to the truth as you can so that once it finally emerges, the dream you have been selling actually become someone’s reality.

Any specific inspiration you used in creating the 42 on LeHunte work?

The LeHunte creative is essentially a blend of the traditional and the contemporary. It needed to feel sophisticated, yet comfortable. The development is largely targeting ex-pats and is their ‘home away from home’. The apartments and the building itself are extremely modern and boast all the amenities of a luxury hotel. It has stunning views of the ocean and is set within tropical gardens. It’s a retreat and a sanctuary. The name itself ‘42 on LeHunte’ had already been chosen and was inspired by the way the streets were historically named in New York City. The inspiration simply unites all these elements to create a sense of luxury and tranquillity, with a little art deco charm, as seen in the use of the typography for the branding, the copper and the geometric elements.

Check out https://www.42onlehunte.com for a taste of this exciting new luxury development.