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We've got the horses
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A showcase of our team’s collective experience from their time at Colony and other world-class strategic creative agencies.

So, why the horse?

Our spirit animal is a horse. That’s why we use it in our logo. A horse and rider have a truly unique relationship. Sometimes the rider leads, sometimes it’s the horse. It’s a relationship built on trust, respect and awareness. A horse has an acute sense of the rider and can react, often before the rider knows what’s happening. That’s the kind of relationship we strive to provide for our partners.

But, not all client-agency relationships are the same. That’s why the role we play in each partner’s business is unique. Maybe you need a Clydesdale to do the heavy lifting over a long period of time. Or maybe it’s a Thoroughbred for fast, repeatable and easily adaptable solutions. Whatever the case, we’ve got the skill sets, people and experience to create a winning result every time.

So, why the horse?