Case Study: Digicel, Client of Colony Group LTD - PNG Strategy

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Digicel is Papua New Guinea’s biggest and fastest telecommunication and data network. It has a global footprint and is one of the largest global providers across 33 markets, boasting approximately 14 million wireless connections. With more than 90% of market share, Digicel is in an enviable position, but in order to stay number one they needed a strong strategic partner to keep delivering results.

The Challenge

When you effectively have a monopoly on market share throughout the country, is there really a need to evolve your advertising, communications and strategic direction? For Digicel, the challenge was to avoid becoming complacent. Correctly, they asked themselves, “How do we continue evolving, innovating and investing to keep the market share?” They chose Colony Group as an internal partner to provide a full suite of services including research, creative, branding, online, broadcast production, media buying and the crucial strategic support to keep building on revenues and growth.

The Strategy

Digicel’s red and white brand colours are well known across PNG. However, it wasn’t clear what the brand stood for in the hearts and minds of Papua New Guineans. Research showed us that the brand had some issues, but people generally loved Digicel. It also showed that consumers wanted more – more deals, more bundles, more of the extras they love like TV with Digicel, free Facebook and WhatsApp. Working together, Colony Group and Digicel simplified the strategic direction, shaped retail offers to market demands and set communications to educate and simplify our messaging. We evolved the brand to become more about the people of PNG and how they connect to friends and family, literally and emotionally.

The Results

The Digicel-Colony Group relationship has flourished for more than two years. In that time, Colony Group has delivered one of the largest social research studies in the country’s history, conducting 1,500 face-to-face interviews. The insights and understanding gleaned from the research inform our on-going strategic direction as well as gives us a deeper understanding of the priorities and motivations of our customers and communities.

We’ve also provided Digicel with high-end creative teams and production facilities, expanding into several of Digicel’s other global markets to provide creative direction, campaign development and asset creation. This retail support has delivered the needed creative edge to allow Digicel to continue to build their client base and overall revenue streams. Today, we are proud to say Colony Group is one of only a few external partners trusted to work with the Digicel brand.

The Work