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The cornerstone of the Colony Group is thinking strategically. Our time to think about our partners is what we love to do. Thinking about the current situation, where we want to be, and how we are going to get there is the process in its simplest form.

Our thinking is supported for our desire for insights, research and a developed understanding for the brands and organisations we partner with.

Colony Group works with our partners across both internal and external communications, and develops the strategy accordingly. In many cases the internal communications are just as important so that the organisation and people within can deliver the collective brand communication outwardly to the consumer. This process allows the strategy to grow and develop across the organisation and all our consumers. The brand essence, delivered by the creative thinking and concepts is then what brings all of this to life.

Our thinking is underpinned with the collective thinking to embrace all parts of the communication mix so we cover Management, Creative, Social Media, PR, Online, Traditional Media, Imagery and Content Creation.

If you want a partner that thinks more about your business and that has a genuine passion for developing smart and creative strategic solutions, then allow Colony Group to have the discussion that can change the way your consumers view your organisation and brand.


Being creative and relevant in today’s society is one of the toughest challenges. Consumers and organisations are inundated with communications every minute. In developing an effective, engaging and actionable creative direction, it is paramount that the correct strategic position is set.

Colony Group works as a collective. Our departments of highly skilled individuals leverage each other to ensure our clients are receiving the right advice the first time.

Our approach is to develop creative executions that have a purpose. Anyone can create a nice-looking ad; however, the vital difference is that our creative thoughts and ideas will connect with people. This connection will allow your brand to link in a meaningful way that can be trusted, honest and believable.

Consumers are wanting transparency in the messages they receive. It is no longer the case that an organisation or brand can dictate to the consumer on how they will feel towards your offering. The developed creative can deliver the messaging in the right way, but as a strategic consultancy, our role goes beyond this to ensure the promise of the messaging is delivered.

Brands have limited opportunity to earn a consumer trust and convert them into a brand advocate. It is the combined approach of creativity and strategic thinking that can deliver the results for our partners.


Colony Group for the outset of its conception, set its sites on providing both the understanding strategically of how to achieve the best results from any online platform. Then additionally having an experienced suite of professionals to bring these thoughts to life. Our organization is about providing solutions to our partners that encompass the theory and the practical. In many cases, the online theory and practical are separated, which can lead to conflict and a deterioration of the strategy when it comes to the development and implementation. Our team of creatives, developers, and content creators will work with your organization to deliver a solution that provides seamless communication, engagement, and long-term results.

We use the global connection to ensure we are staying in front of the trends and continually learning the newest technologies. We are all about testing the boundaries of online, staying current, and challenging the ordinary. After all, every day your consumer is spending numerous hours online and we need to ensure your enterprise or brand remains curent and trending through the online portals. Did you know that Filipinos and Brazilians spend the most time using the internet, clocking an impressive 5.2 hours per day on average. Together with Thais, Brazilians also top the list for the amount of time spent using mobile internet, logging an average of 3.9 hours per day on their devices. Contrary to what you might expect, the Japanese and South Koreans spend the least amount of time on the internet each day, logging only 2.9 and 3.1 hours respectively. Australia is sitting in the middle of all of this at 3.6 hours per day. Hence, at Colony Group we are your partner of choice to deliver the results you require from your online platforms.


Public Relations is something that has been around for many years, however the introduction of Social Media has changed how PR works. Gone are the days for just working through the traditional media, and waiting to see if the media will run the story.

PR has evolved into a machine that can take affect right from the moment a product is launched, to when a celebrity purchases their new car to drive out the door. PR is now a minute by minute channel.

Our PR team, is highly integrated into the traditional media, while at the same time linked directly to our Social Media department to ensure no immediate opportunity is missed.

The management and strategic thinking into PR is vital to achieve the results. We look to leverage all media types and utilise even the subtlest product placement opportunities. Our photography and film department play an important part in PR. The imagery and content that can be created to support the PR aspects are vital. We are using the entertainment value of imagery and film to complete the story and give our consumers the chance to not only read about our brands, but to have the full sensory experience of sound, vision and emotion.

social media

Colony Group believes wholeheartedly in the power and connection that can be created using Social Media. This channel provides your organization the opportunity to be engaged in the conversation with your detractors and promoters. Social Media can provide you real time feedback, information, and insights that many other mediums cannot provide within minutes of engaging. The challenge with any Social Media platform is developing the appropriate strategy to engage, but even higher on our importance list is the ability to manage the conversations. Organizations often see the potential for a channel like Social Media. However, there are risk mitigation strategies that need to be considered before venturing aimlessly into any social engagement. Colony Group can provide the resources to manage and deliver the positive outcomes into Social Media. Our experience of content management, content creation, and the merger of mainstream media into this channel has achieved exceptional results. Our experience the social sphere is supported by our ability to monitor continuously. We use only the globally best practice tools to track and measure our results. We even go the extra step to not only manage our content and sites with analytics, but we partner with Listening Management tools, to constantly watch and listen. While these tools come at a cost, our transparent attitude for positive outcomes, and desire to deliver the highest standard of results mean our clients are clearly informed of the benefits.

We believe in our Social Media experience and knowledge, and our partners have endorsed the positive experience and delivered results. This has translated into a desire for further learnings, and on-going development of our skills in a range of segments. Social Media is more than just words, and it’s more than just images. To effectively manage, grow and retain your social following it about creating real content that reaches through the clutter to entertain and motivate advocates for your brand.

Creativity plays a large role in our engagement methods. Our creative department works with the social team to create the right imagery, while still adhering to the guidelines for social networks that still allows for the boosting of posts.

It’s this fine line of entertainment, branding, and advertising that we manage each day, to achieve the maximum likes, shares, and connection with our social followers.

We also believe in giving back and have donated numerous hours to organization improving the lives of the less fortunate, including Sir Brian Bell Foundation. Our ability to deliver for this organization translated into their real desire to fund a program developed by Colony Group for USD$650,000 over a two year period. This program was about delivering a Youth Health Education program, which became the largest of its kind in Papua New Guinea.

Ask us about what we can do for you, and put our team to the test.


Colony Group is a growing enterprise that has identified key service points that are being neglected across many of our partners.

We have created specialised division that is branded under Colony Group to provide specialist I.T services. This division is tasked with creating strategically develop I.T solutions for medium to larger enterprises. We cover installations, server solutions, backup solution, network configuration, network management, disaster management, I.T audits and security.

Our I.T Security is branded under CyberCorp. This is a specialist service that manages critical information, and is used to secure networks. I.T security is often overlooked and not considered until after the event. We are about prevention, management and recovery if the worst is to happen.

Our team is currently working with clients across the South Pacific and would be pleased to discuss your specific requirements.

content creation

At Colony Group we know the power of using imagery to create the story. Images that are emotive, powerful, or fun can create the desired effect for your brand. Our team works with you to deliver an execution that meet the brief and works in the desired channel. We have invested in the latest equipment to deliver the quality imagery and effects that our clients require.

Our experience covers content creation for the likes of Tourism Boards, National Geographic, and National Retail Groups, through to Television production for Political Campaigns, Retail and Product ads, and large scale branding series.

The Videography and Photography requires our people to know and understand the organisation or brand that are working with. It’s about connection and creating the feeling through the images that leaves a powerful impression.

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