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There are numerous communication, advertising, and marketing agencies to choose from across Australia and the South Pacific. They even have various services, facilities, and specialties. However, there is one crucial point that the majority of these organizations neglect the strategic input that guides, advises and develops the fundamental solutions to deliver truly connected communication strategy.

At Colony Group, our fundamental principle is to connect with our partners to understand their particular company, business, organization or Government department. We build the basis of our recommendations on insights and crystallised thought processes leveraging research, partnership discovery with the respective Boards, CEO, Department Ministers and executive management teams.

Our process is to look at both the internal and external communication channels. The desire to deliver connected and engaging communications is nothing new to any organization. The issue surrounding the execution of communication platforms becomes apparent when there is the lack of clear strategic direction that connects all levels of management. How can you expect your consumer to understand your brand, product, or sales pitch, if the internal communications are not clear and agreed organization-wide?

The exciting and challenging elements Colony Group brings to any organization is in the way we think. We think like we are part of your team. We want to challenge the thinking, strategies, communications where they are not appropriate and not believable.

In today’s environment of instant communication and connection, via online channels like Facebook and Instagram, we don’t have the luxury of time. People are bombarded with millions of messages each day and only connect and engage with brands they trust, believe in, and that add value to their lives. Colony Group is here is provide the answers on how we develop the strategies to deliver this connection.

Then there is the entertainment value. Brands are not just advertising anymore. Organizations and Brands need to entertain and create content that consumers (real people) enjoy and relate too. People want real experiences, real content and real engagement. If you are fake, and not providing original content, no advertising campaign is ever going to work or be trusted by your consumer.

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